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Making an Impact!

Since April 2017, Tribes on the Edge team members began bringing their expertise, experiences, and passion to students around the world through online video platforms such as Skype in the Classroom (SITC), an online community that connects teachers worldwide to experts on a variety of subjects. Using stories, photographs, drone footage, artwork, videos, and Q&As, the team has shared the Vale do Javari with an international audience of teachers, librarians, and students. By engaging students directly, we hope to spark conversation – to educate and inspire the next generation of conservationists.

“Youth are not only future leaders, they are the hope of today.
With their thoughtful and targeted actions, they are greatly impacting the positive change we need on this planet we call home”
-Céline Cousteau

In honor of Earth Day 2017, we also partnered with like-minded organizations to raise awareness on numerous topics pertaining to Indigenous issues, the Amazon, and other environmental concerns throughout the month of April.  In addition to SITC, Céline Cousteau hosted a special session via Zoom for the Climate Action Project — an international, online project created by educator and author Koen Timmers that aimed to increase student awareness and action with regard to climate change.

The Tribes on the Edge team members hosted sessions for over 7,100 students in more than 200 classrooms from 45 countries around the world and 26 states in the U.S. In addition to continuing classroom video sessions, our goal is to create downloadable lesson plans that meet U.S. Scholastic standards for ages 9-12 in order to expand access to relevant information on the topic.

200+ Classrooms — 7,100+ Students

3rd-5th Grades
6th-8th Grades
9th-12th Grades