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Jacques Cousteau's granddaughter carries on his legacy with new documentary 'Tribes on the Edge'

As a child, I first learned about the importance of protecting the environment from a show on ABC-TV called “The Undersea World of Jacques Cousteau.” Now, the famed explorer’s granddaughter is continuing his legacy on dry land in the Amazon region of Brazil, where 20 percent of the world’s oxygen supply is generated by a vast rain forest.

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Dear Canadians, your addiction to plastic needs a cure

Since 2007, I’ve been visiting the Vale do Javari Indigenous reserve deep in the heart of the Brazilian Amazon for my film and protection campaign Tribes on the Edge. There, I’ve seen what it is to live a non-disposable lifestyle. There it becomes easy to appreciate just how much unnecessary waste we are creating on a daily basis and how simple it could be to make more sustainable life choices with our use of everyday objects and materials if we really want to.

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Céline Cousteau, voyageuse pleine conscience

Documentariste et exploratrice, Céline Cousteau sillonne le globe depuis l’enfance, transportant dans ses bagages les enseignements de son grand-père, Jacques-Yves, alias le commandant Cousteau, et de son père, Jean-Michel. La Presse a discuté avec elle de voyage responsable, de pérennité culturelle et du pouvoir qui se cache dans chaque touriste.

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Céline Cousteau Wants You to Put That Plastic Fork Down

The fact that Céline Cousteau has been a conservationist for virtually her entire life is hardly a surprise given her upbringing: The granddaughter of legendary explorer and oceanographer Jacques-Yves Cousteau spent much of her youth aboard the famous research vessel Calypso, plying the seas in search of answers to the oceans’ greatest mysteries.

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